Join Chaverim of Queens and their members as they enter their 8th year
By taking part in the

We are having a dinner but YOU do not have to come. Do not give up another night from your social calendar, however, kindly take a moment to make a Donation so we can purchase new equipment for our new members.


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The Short Story: Chaverim of Queens has responded to over 100,000 calls for assistance since we started. With 20 new members we are lacking the funding to outfit them with equipment. Additionally, as we enter our 8th year we want to recognize and appreciate those who have taken time from their busy schedules over the years to help others in our community. We are having a dinner to show these members our appreciation for all that they do and we want you to have the opportunity to show your appreciation too!

 How To Participate: As part of the dinner, we will be launching our new website, and the new CHAVERIM APP, which means that should you need Chaverim, our members will have use of the latest technology to respond to your call for help, quicker!

We will also be distributing a dinner journal listing all those who make donations specifically for this campaign. Please take this opportunity to show your appreciation for a member who has assisted you in the past OR make a donation to sponsor equipment for our new members.

The Dinner is scheduled for January 2016, so please take a moment to make your generous donation now!

                                                         AVAILABLE SPONSORSHIPS

 $500– Diamond page- and sponsors a full set of equipment                     $100 – Full page

$360 – Gold page – and sponsors a basic set of equipment                        $50 – Half page

$180- Silver page- and sponsors a half set of equipment                          $36 – Quarter page

$100- Full page                                                                                        $18- Recognize a specific member

                    Any and every other amount donated generously by you - will be listed as well!

Phone #: ​718-441-0505

​House slim sheet set                                       Donate Now 

Gas canister                                                     Donate Now  

​Breaker bar                                                      Donate Now 
Lug nut set                                                       Donate Now  

Lockout kit                                                        Donate Now 

Chaverim winter jacket                                    Donate Now  

​Emergency roadside kit                                   Donate Now  

Hydraulic jack                                                    Donate Now 

Sponsor a call:                                                   Donate Now $18

Sponsor a day of calls:                                     Donate Now $108 Sponsor a week of calls:                                   Donate Now $450 Sponsor a month of calls:                                 Donate Now  $1500 Sponsor a year of calls:                                     Donate Now  $15,000 Sponsor month of dispatching:                        Donate Now  $1000 Sponsor a member (full set of equipment):    Donate Now $500

Chaverim of Queens Inc. is a 100% volunteer organization. Our volunteers, board members, trainers, supervisors and office staff are all volunteer. This means that every dollar you donate to the organization goes directly to providing equipment to the members as well as to our dispatching and operations systems.We rely solely on the kind donations made by people in the community such as yourself to be able to continue to provide excellent service to the community. All of our volunteers go through an interview process. Upon admission to the organization, members receive full training on how to use the equipment. We provide all the necessary equipment to our members so that they can respond to you and service you quickly and efficiently so you can get right back to your busy life. Our emergency hotline number is forwarded to a dispatcher who is on call 24/6. Our members use some of the finest technology to respond to calls and our staff is constantly on the lookout for more efficient and economical ways to better our service.
Please take a look at the items below as well as the sponsorship and dedication opportunities available.Sponsorships and/or dedications can be made in memory or in honor of a loved one or relative as well.